When hot becomes too hot: Warning signs that your AC system needs service

It is normal that your AC unit will become hot during use, but how do you know when it might overheat? Heat is a normal byproduct of the compressor in the heart of your air conditioning system. However, too much heat in the system is one of the top causes of emergency calls to repair services. Look for warning signs before your heat problem gets any worse so that you can catch the issue and have it fixed quickly and easily.

Many different factors could cause your air conditioning system to produce too much heat. It could be issues with the motor that runs the compressor, excessively dirty coils, or even a refrigerant leak. Tackle these budding problems early before your AC unit breaks down, and you can beat the heat in no time. A technician can check out your unit for you and fix anything that might be malfunctioning, but you can also stay alert and look for these early warning signs that your AC system may need repair:

  • Odd noises or smells- You should immediately call a technician if you hear any strange noises such as hissing, squeaking, or grinding. This is almost certainly a sign that something in the unit is failing. Check for any burning or otherwise strange smells that could signal faulty wiring or mold in the unit. If you are hearing or smelling something out of the ordinary, turn off your AC system before the problem becomes worse and call an expert.
  • Unstable temperatures- If the temperature in your home won’t stay steady, varies greatly by room, or doesn’t feel like it matches your thermostat’s settings, chances are that something is malfunctioning within your unit. Whether it is simply a problem with the thermostat itself or a larger issue involving overheating and faulty functioning, you will be glad that you caught it and brought in a technician in time to save your AC system from larger damages.
  • Increased energy bills- If your energy bills are going up and you can’t explain why, it might have to do with your AC running inefficiently due to mechanical error. Check it out right away and keep the money you would have blown on continuing to run a broken unit.
  • Puddles or dripping liquid- You shouldn’t see water or liquid coming from any area of your AC unit. A leak in refrigerant could cause a total system overheat, so look for puddles early and let an expert tackle the issue so you can stay cool without hassle.

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