Consequences of Not Getting Your Regular Maintenance Done

Did you know that your home’s heating and cooling system accounts for 50 percent of your home’s energy use?  Keeping your system maintained and clean will ensure that your unit is energy efficient and keeps you warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Just like the maintenance performed on your car, your heating and air unit also needs a yearly tune-up that goes beyond just changing your air filters.  To ensure that your system is running properly, you also need to ensure that the outdoor coils are not dirty. You need to check the cooling capacity and the air flow to determine if your home’s heating or air conditioner systems are running properly.

You can hire U.S. Heating and Air Conditioning to conduct routine maintenance on your system that will check the indoor coil, the outdoor coil, the capacitors, compressor, conduct an all systems check on the electrical, and we will also check the refrigerant level in your unit and use a temperature gauge to make sure the system is operating efficiently.

Without proper maintenance, you can lose up to 50 percent efficiency because the system is not operating properly, which means a higher energy bill and a lower lifespan for your system.  Just like any other part of your home, if you do not maintain it then the cost of doing nothing will be greater than the cost of the routine maintenance.

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