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Whether you need Air Conditioning Repair, AC Replacement of an existing AC unit, or an AC Installation of a new AC unit; US Air Conditioning and Heating is the right choice for you. Family-owned and operated since 1987, we maintain the highest standards of quality and service for each of our clients. Each of our nationally certified HVAC contractors average 15 years’ experience within our company and are proficient in determining which AC units are the right fit for your home, honing in on any problems a current AC unit might be having, and fixing or installing any AC unit with full attention to every detail.

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We offer quality service at a fair cost.  Instead of the multiple visits required by most AC companies to get your AC unit repaired, US Air Conditioning and Heating arrives to give you an estimate in a fully-equipped van, ready to fix most problems discovered on-site and without delay.  There are few Florida days where the weather is pleasant enough to entice residents to open the windows; for all of the other days, US Air Conditioning will make every effort to get your home back to a comfortable temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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It’s quite common for AC companies to hire jobs to sub-contractors, leaving you with no assurances as to the quality of the work you’ll receive or the extent of experience the HVAC contractor will have.  That’s why US Air Conditioning and Heating keeps all jobs in-house.  Established in 1987, our family-owned and operated business conducts regular drug tests and background checks on each employee.  Most of our employees have been a part of the US Air family for 15 years or more, a testament to the quality of our employees and the high standards of our company’s principles.  Valuing quality and efficiency, every detail from our fully-equipped vans to the office’s organizational structure is designed to anticipate your needs and meet them immediately.

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Since 1987, U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving the needs of residential customers in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding communities in Florida. Providing quality air conditioner maintenance, heating, and indoor air quality services, U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating strives to satisfy their customers.

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The cost of air conditioning repair will vary based on several factors. The best way to discover the cost is to get a free, no obligation, estimate. As a courtesy, US Air Conditioning & Heating provides easy finance options for our customers. Our service areas include: Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, New Port Richey, Holiday, and Hernando County.

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